Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Yesterday SUCKED!

Yesterday was just one of those days, I was feeling like I was trying to function in quicksand. I could not wake up, I could not focus, and the day was dragging on ever so slowly. All I could think about all day long was the leg workout I had hanging over my head like the razor sharp blade of a guillotine. I finally made it through work, and then it was off to train my client. Just standing there while he lifted took almost all the strength I had,  and still I could not figure out how I was going to make it through the leg work out I was getting closer and closer to. On the way to the gym I thought about just doing cardio and counting it as an off day and shifting my week around to accommodate this.  When I arrived at the gym I decided that I was at least going to try to do legs, and even if I had to drop the weight I was going to give it an honest effort. So I began squatting, the first warm-up set was not bad, the second was feeling a little heavy for a warm-up, and by the third warm-up set I was certain I had been beat. Then all of the sudden it happened, I told myself that regardless of what happened I was not going to give up.  At that point it did not matter if I puked, it did not matter if I passed out, it did not matter if the gym was on fire, I was going to train, and train hard! This was awesome, I had nothing in the tank but I kept going, and I hit it hard, really hard.  I crushed squats, then went on to superset leg extensions and leg curls, from there it was on to weighted step-ups and weighted lunges (both of which are real but kickers). Finally I finished out with cardio and then had a pretty good posing session.  Needless to say that workout really turned my day around and put me in a great mood. Its training sessions like this that remind you what it’s all about and how everything you sacrifice to do this is well worth it. In situations like this I think you really learn something about yourself, you really learn what you’re made of and just what you are capable of.

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