Monday, June 6, 2011

New week, new split!

Well another weekend has come and gone, and I am getting closer and closer to my competition. I have been trying a more aggressive method for my re-feed meals on the weekends and I will see how that pays off come this Sunday when I get my body fat % measured again. For those of you that don’t know, a re-feed is a meal where you increase your macronutrients for that one meal to try and jumpstart your metabolism again and help fill your muscles out so you don’t get to flat from dieting. In addition to this more aggressive re-feed, I am also going to try changing my training split this week. I had previously been doing a pretty basic 5 day split Monday-Friday with the weekends off, now I will be trying a 5 day split where I will shift one of my off days to the week and I will shift one of my on days to the weekend, this way I no longer have 2 days off in a row.  It’s hard to give up my weekend but it should be well worth it, because I will be training that day with 2 friends who are pro-bodybuilders so this will also help inspire and motivate me.

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