Saturday, June 4, 2011

Show Prep, Weeks 1-13.

Ok, so I am obviously starting this blog late as I have already been training, dieting and prepping for this show for 13 weeks already. I am currently 9 weeks out, and I will try to bring everyone up to speed with this first posts. I began my journey the first week of March, at the time I was about 171lbs at 8.9% body fat. The first changes were rather small, mainly just cleaning up how I was eating on the weekends as I had been pretty strict during the week, but slacking off during the weekend. Other than that I added some light cardio, and switched from whole eggs to egg whites. All of my carb sources were already complex carbs so there was not much to change there. I continued in this manor until the end of the month when I had my body fat measured again. At this point I had dropped 1% to 7.9%, although this was a decent change I felt that I could do better. So from here I tweaked my diet some more, changing out my whole grain bread for oatmeal. Up until now I had still not increased cardio at all, just focused on tightening up my diet, and rather than going 4 weeks between having my body fat measured I switched to every 2 weeks.

This time I managed to do better in 2 weeks than I had in the last 4, I was down to 6.3% in only 2 weeks. I always say if its not broke, don’t fix it, so I did not make ant changes, another 2 weeks passed and I was down to 5.4%, almost another percent in 2 weeks, man I could get used to this. The next 2 weeks passed much like the last 2, and I lost about .8% bringing me down to 4.6%. This was still good progress but it was starting to slow, this was to be expected and was met with another change in the diet. Out went the milk and protein bar, in came the protein shakes (they have fewer calories and carbs). This time to my displeasure after 2 weeks my body fat only dropped to 4.5%......... 4.5%, I was unhappy to say the least, but the lower you get, the harder it is to get lower, and for 10 weeks out 4.5% is not really that bad.

So here we are, 1 week later, 9 weeks out, I have had some good days, I have had some bad days, I have had some good workouts, I have had some bad workouts, I am still alive and I am shooting for first place.

I know that this is not very detailed up to this point as I am only tiring to summarize the past few months, from this point on I intend to write daily updates on how my diet, conditioning, posing and workouts are going, as well as detail how I feel all the way up to the show and after it.

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