Friday, July 8, 2011

This Week Has Turned Around!

Last night was arms, I had a pretty good workout and the ol’ pipes were looking pretty big and lean. Then I had a pretty good posing session and cardio was not to horrible either. This all came as a pleasant surprise seeing as how my energy and drive have been at an all-time low. Then this morning I hit shoulders before work, it was really hard to get going that early, but once I got started I managed to have a pretty good workout, all in all this week has turned around pretty well after being off to such a crappy start. I still have some cardio to do tonight but other than that I am home free for the weekend. With Monday will come another change to diet and I will be changing my cardio as well. I will be cutting more carbs, bringing them down to about 140 for regular days and about 110-120 for my low carb days. As far as the cardio goes I will be adding some cardio on the weekends and changing out some of my low intensity cardio for some sprints at the advice of a friend of mine who is a pro bodybuilder, (he has been a huge help to me as I prepare for this show). I had been having a pretty crappy week but with the last 2 workouts and a little pep talk from my friend I feel much better. This weekend puts me 4 weeks out and I got my NPC membership card in the mail yesterday, so I am all set to go show these guys what I have got, they better bring their A game, because I will definitely be bringing mine!!!

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