Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Legs, hill sprints, and posing!

So yesterday I had a pretty good leg work out, I did not go particularly heavy but it was a pretty intense workout and I hit a few exercise that I don’t normally do, so that was a nice change of pace. From there I went on to hit the hill sprints, it was hard to sprint after crushing legs but I managed to get through it. Next I went on to hit my posing, and it was going great, I was hitting my poses hard, I was looking full and super lean, and just when I was really getting into it a bunch of high school kids lead by an adult came busting into the room I was working in, completely ruined my posing session. The thing that really makes me angry is that the room was supposed to be open for another 30-45 min. These kids and their leader have no respect for other gym members and they are constantly in the way taking up large areas of space every time they are in the gym, they also monopolize many machines and pieces of equipment all at the same time. All this displays poor gym etiquette and little respect for their fellow gym members.

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