Monday, August 22, 2011


Ok, so Friday I managed to have a pretty good leg day even though I was not feeling it. I decided to up the weight and drop the reps on squats, and then I kept the reps a little bit higher on everything else. This worked out pretty well, in fact my legs are still so sore that I can hardly walk, this is no good because I was supposed to deadlift tonight with my back workout. I will try to deadlift if I can loosen up a bit, if not I will forgo deadlifts this week.
On Sunday I hit shoulders, which was also a good workout, I actually managed to get shoulders sore which I have a hard time doing so that’s good as well. I also upped the calories this weekend so now I will be over 3100 calories per day so I should start seeing my body weight going up pretty consistently.

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