Monday, August 8, 2011

8/6/2011 DAY OF THE SHOW!!!



1:54P.M. (After the pre-judging, before the evening show.)

Well after much tossing and turning, and about 1-2 hours of sleep last night I finally made it to 4A.M., this was the time I had to get up and start getting ready for the show. First I needed to get something to eat, then I needed to apply some more tanner, I managed to get in two final coats and this put me at a total of….  Hum… looks like I lost track, as far as I can tell it was between 16-18 coats I believe (thank you Caitlin, I could not have done this without you).  Then it was off to the pre competition meeting, after that it all went pretty quick, first, backstage, then pumping up, then oil, then there I was standing right by the entrance waiting to walk out on stage, time only stopped for a brief moment, just  long enough to take a deep breath, then next thing I know I am charging out on stage, from here it was all a blur, and it seemed that I was only out there for what was a few seconds, then I found myself back in the locker room wondering how it went by so fast. Although it was all in over in the blink of an eye it was freaking awesome. Now I turn my sights to the evening show, and my routine, the only thing standing between it and myself is time.


Well the evening show did not go as quick as prejudging, I had to wait for about 3 hours in the locker room for my weight class, I had not accounted for this and did not bring enough food with me, but that was not a major issue. Once I finally got on stage I had a few massive and almost fell over, but I managed to hide it pretty well I think. Then after my routine they called us back out to announce placement, I took 2nd, and this I is what I needed to do to qualify for nationals so I can compete for my pro-card next year. Qualifying for nationals was one of my goals so I am pleased with that. Now it’s back to the grind, it’s Monday and I think I am going to hit chest today so we will see how that goes.

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