Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My first day back!

So I hit chest last night and had a pretty good workout, my numbers were up a little but nothing y too crazy seeing as how I was still hurting from all the junk I ate after the show. I am back on track with my diet and I am planning to slowly bring the calories and carbs back up over the next few weeks.
The main thing I need to figure out is when I am going to do my next show (this will be the Pro-Qualifier), there is one in November that I could do but that will only give me 3-4 months, this would allow for a short period to relax my diet and put back on some weight, but then it would be right back to cutting in a few weeks. The advantage to this is that I should be able to come in tighter than I did in Knoxville, the disadvantage is that it does not give me much time to bulk up and put on more size. If I don’t do that show I don’t know what the date will be because they have not listed the dates of the 2012 shows yet, but it will have to be before August of next year because I only have 1 full calendar year of eligibility from the date of the show that I qualified at. This is going to be a tough call, I will have to get some advice on this one.

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